Traditional Conference of Nis Association of Economists was held as part of the Nis Forum of Advanced Technologies. This year’s gathering brought together leading domestic experts in economic sciences, business representatives, chambers, local self-governments on the topic of the place of advanced technologies in the function of economic development. President of the Serbian Association of Economists Aleksandar Vlahovic pointed out that the role and importance of modern technologies in today’s world economy was immeasurable, and that we must be guided by this example. “Although we are experiencing Belarus differently, the fact is that nearly 30% of its GDP is realized through IT sector, the same situation is in Ireland and in many developed countries in Western Europe. This should also be our goal, through the creation of legal, business and every other environment, the development of the companies based on advanced technologies, and we are trying to make their participation to be at least 20 % of our GDP,” Vlahovic said. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic reiterated that Nis was trying to be the center of advanced technologies, not only in the country, but also in the whole region. “Education, economy and advanced technologies represent a partnership for the future of Nis! They are the strength and the strongest capacity of this city! The unity of these three segments will be crowned by the construction of the Science and Technology Park – the largest investment in knowledge, science and young people of this city and the entire region! The ground breaking ceremony for this modern giant of knowledge and scientific research will be on November 21st in the presence of the President and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia. How important this is for Nis, but also the entire state is clearly shown by the fact that the opening ceremony will be attended by the highest state leadership, “Bulatovic said. “We are proud that our fellow citizen Nikola Bozinovic is among world leaders in the IT industry, but we want to create the conditions for other young people never to leave our city or our country and to stay and create here, and that is the role of the state and the city, to create an atmosphere and ambience, which will enable such individuals, such companies, and also to develop our society, state and the city, “as Mayor Bulatovic said. The president of Nis Association of Economists Boban Stojanovic said that the goal of today’s gathering was precisely to point to the identified problems and shortcomings, and to suggest solutions, so that advanced technologies would indeed become one of the main drivers of the economy of Nis and Serbia in the future.

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