Minister of European Integration Jadranka Joksimovic met today with the Austrian Minister for EU, Culture and Media Gernot Blumel in Nis and expressed her expectation that Serbia would open at least three chapters in the process of joining the Union by the end of the year, during the Austrian presidency of the EU. The two ministers discussed the European path of Serbia, as well as the further improvement of economic relations, since the Zumtobel factory, which opened today in Nis, was another Austrian investment in Serbia. Blumel stressed that good relations with Serbia were important for Austria, and that Zumtobel was an important signal as it promoted the cooperation of the two countries. He added that Austria raised three main issues in the focus of its EU presidency, in the second half of this year – the fight against illegal migration, long-term stabilization of the EU and the accession process, as well as the accession of Serbia. He thanked Serbia for its cooperation in combating illegal migration in the previous period. “The opening of Zumtobel is a clear signal that Serbia is one of our main partners in the long run,” Blumel said. Minister Joksimović pointed out that Austria was the country with which Serbia has very good, stable and comprehensive bilateral relations. “Austria has included the topic of enlargement to the Western Balkans among the priorities of the EU Presidency, “she underlined.


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