Serbian Armed Forces Day is marked on 23rd April, on the anniversary of the beginning of the 1815 Second Serbian Uprising which marked the long road towards the restoration of Serbian independence after years of Ottoman occupation. Military ceremonies, display of weapons and equipment,  and laying of wreaths and flowers at the memorials to fallen members have been conducted today in all the commands, units and institutions of Serbia to celebrate the Serbian Armed Forces Day –23April.  In Nis the main ceremony was organized at the Memorial Complex Bubanj. On behalf of the City of Nis Mayor Bulatovic congratulated all members of the army. The Serbian army was formed from the group of rebels, from the people who took to guns to win their freedom. There lie the roots of the deep connection between our people and our army. The Serbian Armed Forces nourish this essential link and it remains committed to the citizens of Serbia. Citizens also recognize this fateful relationship and appreciate the efforts the army makes for the common good.

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