September 20th

National Foundation 4 Dance and the Belgrade Dance Festival with the support of the Art Mentor Foundation from Lucerne and the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, have begun the implementation of the Dance Caravan project. The patron of the project is Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic. The goal of the project, which begins on September 22nd in Nis, is to present and promote the art of dance through artistic, creative and educational, and above all, interactive programs in 15 selected cities in Serbia. In the period from September to December, the attention of the widest cultural public in Serbia, especially young people and new audiences, will focus on artistic discipline recognized in the world as one of the most important in the field of creative industries and tourism, as well as benefits it brings to the local population, from work with children and young people, winning new audience, to recreational and dance therapy programs. The idea is that Dance Caravan through a three day programs in each city offer many activities, bring classic ballet and contemporary dance to all interested participants and visitors, while at the same time offering a different cultural content. In Nis and other cities, the audience of all generations will be able to attend performances, follow the film program and presentations, discover art photography from contemporary productions, listen to lectures about the history of the dances, new choreographic settings and alike. The youngest will have an opportunity to engage in practical educational workshops or master classes. Through this intensive program we will see the level of public interest, the possibility of further involving talented children in different programs. Dance Caravan should stimulate talent education and scholarships, involve new audiences in ballet and contemporary dances, and at the same time encourage local organizations to develop a production network and set the foundations of creative industries. All programs are free for the public, and the goal is to have three-day activities in each of the 15 selected cities, gathering at least 3,000 visitors and participants of all generations.

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