November 21st

Hungary’s OTP Bank has opened a new regional headquarters in Nis. The inauguration ceremony was held in the presence of Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán and Serbian PM Aleksandar Vučić, who both expressed their hope that the Nis investment would be profitable for both parties. According to preliminary reports, the total cost of the new regional headquarters was half a million euros. In his speech, President and CEO of OTP Sándor Csányi emphasized that OTP Bank appeared on the Serbian market ten years ago when it purchased Niska Banka and is planning on acquiring other bank branches with which it can rise to become one of the largest banks in Serbia .OTP is present in nine countries, has over 1300 branches and provides services to 12 million clients. Mr. Csányi highlighted the fact that good Hungarian-Serbian economic relations facilitate the economic development of both countries and continued good cooperation is expected in view of the fact that the signs of Serbian economic development and growth are already visible. Prime Minister Orbán said with relation to this that amongst others the members of the Hungarian Government had arrived in Southern Serbia to convince Hungarian enterprises that it was also worth searching for investment opportunities south of Belgrade. “The opening of the new OTP headquarters in Nis is proof that Serbia welcomes Hungarian investors, and Hungary supports these kinds of investments”, the Prime Minister added. “The opening of the branch is a symbolic moment that is testament to our economic policy of encouraging close cooperation”, Mr. Orbán continued. Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic expressed his hope that the Nis investment would be profitable for both parties.

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