November 4th, 2016
The Chairman of the Assembly of the City of Niš, Mr. Rade Rajkovic met today with the President of the Association of European Cities of Culture (AVEC), with the Deputy Mayor of the French City of Arles – Mr. Christian Mourisard.


This meeting, according to the Chairman Rajković, represents the succession of a long-term cooperation between the City of Nis and the City of Arles, as well as a good opportunity to exchange experiences in the field of preservation and presentation of cultural and historical heritage. This issue in the City of Nis will be approached with great care, taking into account the potential of the overall economic development. This is primarily related to a better tourism offer towards a growing number of foreign visitors, who will have a chance to see and learn a lot about the history and culture of this region in the City of Nis.


In addition, the current city authorities will particularly insist on having the best professionals from cultural institutions work on such tourist offers, whose continuity of work will not depend on periodic changes in the local self-government, stated Mr. Rajković.


Furthermore, the A.V.E.C network (Alliance de Villes Européennes de Culture) was established in 1997 as a European network of historical cities and districts with the common goal of establishing a European region based on a respect for the culture including both tangible and intangible cultural heritage, which stands for the identity of cities and regions.


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