October 30th

From today, from Nis Airport Constantine the Great, the passengers will be able to travel to Dusseldorf. According to the Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic, who, along with his associates, attended the landing of the first plane with the passengers from Dusseldorf, the dream of all of Nis citizens was coming true since the airport was operating at full capacity. He announced that the City would finance the repair of the roof of the airport building with 26 million dinars and the Government would additionally help with the equipment procurement. “Our goal is to provide the best conditions for the operation of the Nis Airport”, the Mayor said. The flight from Dusseldorf is the first flight in the new winter season. According to the Vladica Djurdjanovic, the General Manager of Nis Airport, each new flight brings 30,000 new passengers annually, and the goal is to have between 500 000 and 700 000 passengers in the next five years, as well as to transport more than 4 000 tons of goods. He announced the promotion of the first regular cargo line Nis-Istanbul, which was even more significant, if it was known that apart from the Airport Nikola Tesla, the airports in Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zagreb, Skopje and Sofia did not have cargo traffic.

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